Benefits of Replacing a Shingle Roof

Have you ever wondered if it’s time to replace the shingles on your roof?

Most people don’t bother with their roof unless there’s a problem such as leaking or damage from a natural disaster. Why wait to fix the problem when other reasons can be effective and energy-efficient. That’s right- you might have a roof that isn’t keeping your house sheltered from the heat of the day or loss of inner-heat at night. Let’s take a look at some of the other practical reasons that a new shingle roof can improve the look and efficiency of your home.

Update an older roof with modern materials

Unlike the old days, modern materials have gotten smarter at mixing composite materials into shingle roof squares. It takes the thinking out of how you can turn your home into a safer place to live. Older roof shingles were usually asphalt with was cheap and effective, it’s also asking for trouble because the older asphalt gets the more it erodes in the heat and sun. It also is pretty flammable when it comes to wildfires. The number of times that homes have burnt down is because older asphalt did not contain fiberglass fire retardants.

Older shingles can and will burn just as easily as your wooden house will. With the new methods that produce higher amounts of fire retardant and fiberglass, accidents are less likely to happen. According to Cedur, a roofing supply manufacture, asphalt shingles can stand up to flames for two hours without catching (something I’m interested to see demonstrated — without my house being on fire). This rings true with all other types of shingle roofs that avoid using wooden shakes or real wood products. In fact, many of the newest products on the market look just like wood when they are clever composite duplicates.

Composite shingles can be designed to look exactly like real wood shake singles.

The color is non-fading and you can have a brand new shingle roof that lasts longer than natural wood products ever would.

Make your home more energy-efficient

If you live in an area that is continually beaten down by the sun, this is going to affect the temperature inside your house. New houses are built to keep out the heat through insulation in the walls and roofs. Up until the mid-70s it was more common that people were starting to add roof insulation to keep the heat from baking your home. Now it’s unthinkable that you should have any roof that doesn’t add more layers that prevent heat from getting in. It works vice-versa in the wintertime to help keep heat inside too.

Even when new shingle roofs are laid-down, commonly, protective layers of felt insulation are added. These will further aid to keep out water, heat, insects, and natural elements. With all of the potential factors of heat damage on your old roof, the old one is always stripped off and a new protective surface is built over the bare roof base. Depending on your roof pitch it will be essential that professionals are recommended to do these jobs.

Give your roof and home more individual style

There are plenty of new developments in roof shingles that are shaking up the industry. Thanks to composite materials and enhanced fire retardant formulas, roofs can withstand harsh weather and fire. You might also be thinking that having a roof should be decorative too. Recently aluminum and metal shingle roofs are making a comeback. Other neat developments come from the incredible composite shingles. They’re molded with such detail that they’re unmistakable from wood or slate

Plus the upside is that these materials do have excellent thermo-protective abilities and they’ll often last 30 to 50 years without a problem.

What are the costs involved?

Every roof is going to have a different story. The amount of square feet is estimated in shingle size. There is also the element of material that is used. There are cheaper asphalt shingles that are more affordable than composite shingles. These costs must also be considered a matter of investment over time. Looking at the typical life expectancy, you can further add that cost onto the value of your home if you decide to sell at some point. After all, it is considered a small investment to beautify and make your home energy-efficient. Understanding the basics of how much it costs to install a new shingle roof will help when looking for a trusted contractor to complete the work.

How can I save money on replacing a shingle roof?

While there are cheaper alternatives for materials used to replace your shingle roof, never go on the cheap end. You can save further by avoiding the hidden hassles by organizing the disposal of old shingles. Unless you’ve contracted a roofing company to haul away old shingles, you need to figure that this will add-up as well. It takes time to remove an old roof and that cost will impact your new roof cost overall. You may be able to strike a deal by asking to help with the clean-up process so there is less time wasted.

All in all, when it comes down to time and money, be sure to put quality materials into your roof. This works in your favor so that your home will be protected in more ways than before. It also doesn’t hurt to make your home more classy than it’s looked in years.

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