Custom Kitchen Lighting Tips for a Rustic or Farmhouse Kitchen

Nothing can bring warmth and charm to the home quite like a rustic or farmhouse styled kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen seems to exude tranquility, even in the heart of the city. Rustic styles and farmhouse décor elements can completely transform large modern houses and small, cozy apartments alike, conjuring a more peaceful pace of life, and bring a comforting heart back into the home.

With the advent of hi-tech kitchen gadgets and appliances, bringing the décor back to a farmhouse design doesn’t mean having an old-fashioned kitchen. In the modern era, this type of kitchen design is becoming increasingly popular again, using the most modern of materials to create a rustic feel.

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a farmhouse or rustic blueprint, there are a few key elements, inspired by nature, which capture this style. The aim of a farmhouse kitchen design is to create comfort and warmth, a cozy and inviting living space. Wooden cabinets, either in their natural state or painted, feature greatly in a rustic kitchens. All-natural materials like wood, stone and slate are often used for the larger areas of the room, then framed with metal accents.

Rustic color schemeColors in a rustic kitchen tend to include many natural tones. Again, this scheme is inspired by nature itself. Real wood, dusty blues and grays, an earthy palette of reds and browns, black against white, all feature in the eclectic range of hues in a farmhouse design.

Adornments can truly complete an interior décor scheme. For those lucky enough to live in a building with restorable features, creating a rustic styled kitchen will be a cinch. Exposed beams, wood, and stone all provide a fantastic base for recreating the beauty of a rustic country kitchen. However, for most, these features must be added at great expense.

Rather than embark on a big home renovation job, simple details incorporated throughout a kitchen can tie all the other elements of your farmhouse design together. Decorations made from materials such as wicker, hemp, rope, reclaimed or recycled glass, restored wood, and other natural elements, will enhance the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

However, it can be difficult to add to a room without compromising on precious countertop real-estate. Finding the perfect a feature lighting piece, made from your favorite natural woods or metals, can utilize the unused space above your head in style.

Farmhouse Chandeliers

Close relatives of the bejeweled adornments which hang in larger foyers, a farmhouse chandelier is a more stripped down, streamlined version of the classic design. The farmhouse chandelier tends to be more compact, and feature more natural materials, than the classic chandelier. Unusually shaped or reclaimed wood, soft molded metals, and a reduction in glistening adornments, this rustic approach to the chandelier makes for a quintessentially farmhouse style of lighting.

Make no mistake though, a farmhouse chandelier is still a thing of beauty. This specific style emerged from early American folk-art home design, with interior décor specialists looking for a more authentic take on the traditional chandelier. This beautiful aesthetic fits wonderfully into a modern or mid-century modern home, not to mention kitchens with a rustic theme.

This unique twist on a chandelier will not only bring the wow factor to a farmhouse kitchen, the use of natural materials, especially dark timbers, adds warmth and homeliness that other types of feature lighting can’t provide.Farmhouse Chandeliers

Lantern Lighting

If you are struggling to find the right type of lighting for your farmhouse kitchen, or would simply like to add a few rustic elements to the room, lantern lighting will do the trick. The traditional farmhouse kitchen that inspired today’s kitchen designers would have relied on lanterns as a source of light. Candles encased in glass and metal instantly evoke a gorgeously quaint and cozy atmosphere.

Perfectly in keeping with a rustic style, it makes sense that the lantern has been updated for a modern farmhouse kitchen. Lantern lighting will adorn the kitchen beautifully, adding character to the room, as well as really adding to the overall rustic theme.

Like its predecessor, the modern lantern also features an enclosed casing for the bulb, usually made from glass or metal, designed to diffuse a warm glow through the room. Beyond that, this type of feature lighting is a diverse and varied as any other.

To keep the look traditional in a farmhouse kitchen, there are hanging lantern options which recreate the gas-lamps of yesteryear. For a more industrial edge to a rustic kitchen, lantern lights are available with ultra-stylish metal lattice framework. The lantern’s design and frame can also be utilized to create patterns of light and shadow, which can be used to your advantage when designing your farmhouse kitchen.Lantern Lighting

Rustic Pendant Lighting

The term “rustic” can mean different things to different people, and rustic kitchens draw from many periods in interior design. As a result, today’s rustic farmhouse design includes many metal and industrial elements. Rustic pendant lighting takes all of the best elements from rustic, industrial, and mid-century modern design, and creates its own unique style of lighting with a modern twist.

Rustic styling gives the freedom for imperfections to become focal points. This style of interior design celebrates a mish-mash of materials; misshapen glass, exposed industrial-era mechanisms, twisted metal, ropes and chains.

A rustic pendant light fixture in your kitchen is an incredibly easy way to add a fun, yet elegant, touch to the room. There are rustic pendant lights for every type of space, large and small. Whatever style or shape you choose, the right beautiful statement piece should help to define the kitchen without overwhelming it.Rustic Pendant Lighting

With many modern rustic-styled pendant lighting fixtures, the bulbs themselves have become just as much of a feature as the lampshades. Energy-efficient bulbs, in retro and rustic shapes, display their twisted and interesting internal elements with pride while casting a soft, but warm, glow. These types of light bulbs work wonderfully well in combination with a rustic pendant light, to complete a farmhouse-styled kitchen.

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