Mirrored Furniture: Red Lipstick of Interior Design

Mirrored furniture has gained popularity because it’s one of the best ways of maximizing light and making a room seem more spacious; also, the reflective surfaces attract all the brightness streamed in by the windows located in your room. Mirrored furniture is used not only for strategic reasons, but it’s also a good method of providing your home with some glamour specific to Old Hollywood.

Once you see a reflective piece of furniture, you’ll certainly fall in love with its elegance, especially when the décor in which is placed is already glamorous. However, don’t embrace the belief according to which mirrored furniture is designed only for women. These items perfectly match all types of décor, including a brushed or antique one. The best part about mirrored furniture is that it’s available under a wide range of styles. Nowadays, the most popular pieces of mirrored furniture include:

Mirrored Tables

If you’re planning to buy your first mirrored item, a small table is the best option. They have the ability to make your room shinier, without overpowering it. If you consider that this item fits well in your décor, you can start making bigger purchases, including large dressers and buffets. Besides, there are several types of nightstands that will certainly attract your attention – most of them include antique finishes and are featured with thin legs made of metal.

Some mirrored tables can even contain more metal than mirrors. However, they wouldn’t be so appealing if they weren’t provided with reflective discs on the top and on the bottom. These tables are perfect for people who enjoy being a good host for their friends.

In case you’re planning to purchase a bigger showcased mirrored table, you’ll be pleased to find out that most models feature several hidden drawers, making them perfect for people who want to combine utility with beauty. These mirrored tables can be used even as dining room buffets, so they are very practical in every home.

If you’re in search of an assortment of several matching mirrored pieces, you’ll certainly fall in love with the table sets that include up to three pieces designed in a minimalist style. These sets feature fully oblique mirrors and polished legs made of chrome.

For those who want to achieve a weathered look, the “Pascual Coffee Table” is the best option. The fact that these tables are hand distressed provides their metallic champagne finish with an amazing worn look. If you opt for a glass top and an antiqued mirror to complete the appearance, your room will certainly be reminiscent of Hollywood.

Once you discover the benefits of mirrored furniture, you may wish to provide your living room with a more powerful mirrored shine. If that’s the case, the Borghese Table will certainly let your imagination run wild, thanks to its pedestal look and mirrored base. The glass top makes sure that the surface is maintained clear and simple.

Mirrored Storage Pieces

It may seem unbelievable, but mirrored pieces are not used only for aesthetic reasons, but also for their ability to hold stuff. The best part is that dressers and cabinets can be reflective regardless of their size. A mirrored storage piece features unforgettable characteristics such as an antique finish, chrome hardware and a beveled mirror, making it perfect for virtually any type of room.

Mirrored pieces of furniture can be provided with several traditional elements, such as a pronounced edging. Besides, tapered feet match beautifully this type of item, providing it with a great impact.

Mirrored Desks

The advantage of mirror desks is that the activities that take place at your desk will no longer be boring and dull. A little glamour added to your office will definitely improve your productivity, since it encourages a high level of creativity.

Art Deco enthusiasts will certainly be attracted to a strand mirrored desk, which is provided with an exquisite French Deco style. The clean lines and the antique look of this mirrored desk will definitely be a great investment for people who want to turn their living rooms into glamorous locations.

Mirrored furniture is available in a wide range of styles nowadays, pleasing design enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of them are attracted to glamorous reflective pieces, while others prefer furniture pieces that have a more antique look. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll certainly be pleased every time you admire your living room.

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